How to ‘lock in’ a Savic motorcycle

by Dennis Savic, CEO

Savic motorcycles are all about speed and sustainability. So when we were designing our order process, keeping things quick and transparent were our top priorities. And staying paperless, of course!

As a young Australian business, we’re still learning how to navigate through a new and evolving marketplace. There’s no doubt that the process described here will continue to develop – to suit both our customers’ needs, and the emerging regulatory environment of the EV market.

What you see below is the result of trial, error, and the fantastic customer feedback we’ve received so far. We’ve also included an explanation of each step to highlight why we’re innovating in this way. Step 1: Submit an EOI

Expressions of Interest are great. Anyone who is remotely interested in purchasing a motorbike can submit one, telling us which vehicle in particular they’d like to buy. 

EOIs do not signify a firm commitment to buy, but provide Savic Motorcycles with important feedback about the types of vehicles preferred by potential customers. If you’re genuinely interested in purchasing a vehicle, you should purchase a build slot!

Step 2: Purchase a build slot ($100)

A build slot tells us that you’re genuinely interested in a bike and would like to start a conversation with us. If you purchase a build slot, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the type of bike you’re interested in. 

Step 3: We call to confirm your order 

We want to speak to our customers in person. Why? Because we want you to have an excellent customer experience to match the excellent bike we’re going to build you. As well as keeping you updated throughout the process, we want you to be able to ask us any question you may have – and make sure we build the right bike for you!

Step 4: Lock in your pre-order ($1,900) 

To lock in your pre-order and tell you your vehicle build number, we will need to give you a call and discuss your vehicle build, completing your vehicle build form. This build form will go directly to our operations team, to help them start their inventory checks and buy more parts if they need them as we approach production.

Secondly, we need an order deposit. While this is fully refundable should you change your mind before we kick off production, it confirms your commitment to purchasing one of our bikes. A link will be provided via email once we have spoken with you over the phone. 

Step 5: Progress payment ($4,000)

Once you’ve made this second payment, we can start your build. This helps us make sure our stock levels are right, and we have the ability to buy any necessary parts we might be missing. We promise to keep you informed on how your build is progressing – and send you photos along the way!

Step 6: Final payment and delivery

At this stage you would have paid a total of $6,000 for your build, and at the start of this process we would have provided you with your vehicle price. So: the final payment = total price minus the $6,000 you’ve paid so far. Once your final payment is made, we’ll be able to schedule your vehicle’s delivery and arrange a handover on a date that suits you.

We also hope to confirm a number of flexible financing options, and will keep you posted when these become available. 

So, that’s it. Welcome aboard – we know you’re going to love owning one of Australia’s first high-performance electric motorbikes.

The journey has only just begun!