2021: Our Big Year!

Failing to plan, they say, is a plan to fail. While this is obviously true, it’s also true that you can have a plan that is sideswiped by forces far beyond your control.

While we were hoping to be offering customer test rides by late January, the reality of the COVID pandemic and its impact on our suppliers and global shipping have inevitably resulted in some delays.

We’re now expecting to receive our prototype battery and motor by mid-March. We will then need a few weeks for the internal build and testing before we let the first riders aboard our motorbike.

However, we haven’t been sitting on our hands waiting for these parts to come in. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, with our expanded engineering team finalising a number of components that are going to make our production bike lighter and stiffer. A lighter bike, of course, will mean greater range.

Our plan is to confirm our production design by the end of March, complete our supplier arrangements by the end of April, and then crank up tooling for mainstream production! From there it’ll just be a few months to get our production vehicle parts in stock, and during this period we will also be working on an Anti-lock Braking System with Bosch on the current prototype.

Our ABS system will tick the final box for compliance with the Australian Design Rules, paving the way for registration of our first vehicles. To assist our homologation and registration targets, our team has developed a comprehensive Vehicle Test Plan that we will execute to ensure that our bikes are made to the highest quality standard.

If every chip falls into place, we’ll be ready to deliver our first production vehicles by the end of the year – a huge milestone for Savic Motorcycles, and an historic event for the Australian motorcycle market.