We may not be able to offer the same level of personalisation as Batman or Ghost Rider’s bikes, but when the Savic C-Series hits the road, it will come with a fully customisable app that will keep its owners inextricably linked with their beloved machines.

Your online garage: the home screen of our eye-catching new Savic app, with some of the lower-level pages showing the C-Series' current status and maps/navigation features.

 Through a clever combination of cloud storage, GPS, in-bike sensors and real-time processing, the Savic App will give riders a 24/7 connection to their vehicle – enabling them to see everything from its current location and charging status, to previous journey stats and future servicing needs.

The battery charging facility will be a particular comfort to riders who may want to plug in their bike and leave it for a few hours – or overnight – without having to return to check on its status.

“Our app will let the C-Series speak to its owner and inform them if their charging is progressing smoothly, if the bike has been lifted off the kickstand, if a particular component needs attention, and all sorts of useful analytics about the bike’s performance,” says Sam Carter, who is designing the app’s mobile interface.

“There will also be a virtual garage through which you can plan rides and send navigation info straight to the bike, rather than sitting on your bike and putting the information into the sat nav. Everything you can access on the bike can be accessed in your living room – or in the coffee shop, while you’re waiting for the rain to pass.”

Your ‘Savic garage’ will also provide a direct line to the Savic workshop, which will send out servicing alerts and provide a live chat facility for riders to check on the status of orders or upgrades, ask questions of our engineers, or chat with other riders.

“I think the live chat will be really appealing, particularly for riders who are new to electric bikes, and want to enjoy the amazing personalisation that Savic has built into its customer experience,” says Jaimyn Mayer, who’s developing the software for the app.

“From the moment a customer purchases a build slot, they’ll be able to download the app and have instant access to a world of information about their bike – how their build is progressing, news on customisations and special features that may be available. This app will be something that’s really special to our customers, integrating all the touchpoints in the journey of their bike.”

Jaimyn says the unique connectivity of electric motorcycles will enable Savic’s engineers to closely monitor the C-Series’ electrical components – the battery, motor controller, inverter/charger, ABS system – and alert owners when one of these parts is not running at 100% capacity.

“This is the whole joy of electric motorbikes,” says Jaimyn. “There are no complicated mechanical parts, where you don’t know there are issues until something goes wrong. With an electric bike, you can measure all the metrics in real time and know ahead of time from the temperature and speed and friction when parts are going to be likely to need maintaining. Electric motors are so simple they rarely need attention anyway.”