Saša Savić – IoT Advisor


 Building a beautiful motorcycle is one thing. But if Saša Savić gets his way, the Savic C-Series will also be a stunning standout when it comes to rider communications, maintenance and safety.

The secret, like so much in today’s connected world, lies in the power of data.

Saša (pronounced Sasha) is an expert in wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things. He spends most of his weekdays developing Mobile Edge Computing systems for Telstra’s 5G network and growing a co-founded Software-as-a-Service startup for the management of some of Australia’s largest construction projects. But in his spare time, he’s tinkering with something far more fun: the IoT capabilities of the Savic C-Series.

“I take data generated by the bike, offload it to the cloud, and store it in a database that riders can use to get to know their bike better – and engineers can use to refine its performance,” explains Saša. “These bikes are going to generate a lot of data points, which with the latest AI and machine learning we can use to personalise and optimise the whole riding experience.”

Saša is working closely with Savic’s software designer, Kim Suandee, to develop a fully-integrated IoT infrastructure for our motorcycles. While Kim has set up the systems to capture comprehensive data from the bike, Saša takes that data, splits it into individual components, and presents them in a graphic format for riders to view their journeys – and ‘tweak’ their bikes to suit their individual preferences.

At 38, Saša has been working for most of his career as a principal engineer at Telstra, where he develops cloud-based software, most recently for the company’s 5G network and Edge servers. He believes that IoT and cloud/Edge storage offer boundless possibilities for the motorcycles of the future. “The future Savic bike might have a camera with a live feed of the road, so we can onboard some AI with visual engineering that will alert the rider to upcoming obstacles or traffic, changing weather conditions, traffic lights and speed cameras.”

From real-time alerts and safety warnings, to speed and lane controls, performance indicators, predictive maintenance, GPS and journey information – Saša is excited by the boundless possibilities offered by advanced sensor technologies, data processing, and smart helmet capabilities. “Of course, no one’s ever going to want a self-driving motorbike – that would defeat the joy of riding,” he laughs. “But these days, things are flying ahead at such a rate that a space-age dream one day really can be reality the next.”

The key, Saša says, is finding the right balance between information and potential distraction. “On a motorbike, you don’t want to be bombarded with information, but the right balance of quick-check facts can provide a much safer ride,” he says. “These technologies are not about gimmicks, but about making your ride as safe and reassuring as possible.”