Michael D'Amico - Gear & Merchandise Lead

To say that Michael D’Amico is passionate about motorcycles is a major understatement. When he’s not designing new bars and restaurants in his day job, Mike can nearly always be found tinkering with motorbikes in his workshop or coming up with new ideas for bespoke riding gear. At Savic, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have one of Australia’s most accomplished moto-gear experts overseeing our hand crafted merchandise collection.

As well as continually reinventing his own road bikes, Mike loves creating new things for dedicated riders. A few years back, he started his own company, D’Amico Motorcycles, to create beautiful tattooed leather gloves, stylish bandanas, and personalised gear for passionate motorcyclists. So when he met Dennis at the 2018 Melbourne Moto Expo, the two clicked right away.

Mike does most of his work for Savic outside office hours, but his dedication and love of our brand have been absolutely key to the early success of our merchandise. Just two months in, we’ve launched a stylish range of hoodies and jumpers, sweatshirts, caps and beanies, all with the finest quality materials, and embroidered with our eye-catching lion logo. Sales have exceeded all expectations, and we’ve already had to reorder a couple of lines.

Like many of our core crew, Mike has a garage full of bikes and bike parts, which he’s constantly tinkering with and customising for clients and mates. As present he owns a 2018 Harley Breakout, a 2015 Ducati 899 Panigale, and a 1987 Honda GB400TT, which he’s rebuilding as a café racer. Next year he’ll be adding a C-Series Alpha to his collection.

But there’s one distraction that’s constantly drawing Mike away from his beloved bikes. In mid-September, his partner Chantel gave birth to their first child: a beautiful bouncy boy called Salvie. We were delighted to welcome the latest ‘cub’ to the Savic family – and we have no doubt that it won’t be long before he’s joining dad in his workshop.

Salvie from Savic… it’s got a pretty poetic ring to it, doesn’t it?